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Texas-Shaped Food at HEB

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

HEB Texas Shaped Tortilla Chips

HEB has found the key to marketing to Texans - put everything in the shape of Texas. And boy does it work. I’m fundamentally triggered to purchase all of the Texas items! So here’s a list of Texas-shaped foods sold at HEB. Time to stock up!

Texas-Shaped Tortilla Chips

Texas Tortilla Chips from HEB Grocery Store

Probably the Texas food item HEB is most known for are these Texas-shaped Tortilla chips. Their chips are already amazing. Better than most of the name-brand options. Add the shape of Texas and voila! They’re so fun to bring to parties or just to have around the house. Plus they’re cheap. A 14 oz bag will cost you less than $1.

Texas Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets come shaped like dinos and cartoon characters, why not the Lonestar State? I haven’t purchased these yet, but people seem to leave. I see a healthy amount of adults without children posting about them as well. It’s just so dang hard not to buy something this fun.

Texas Meat and Cheese Snack Packs

Texas grownup lunchables, genoa salami and gouda cheese

These adult lunchables come in awesome flavor combinations like turkey sausage, pepper jack cheese, dried cranberries and pistachios. It’s just a bonus they’re shaped like Texas.

Texas Waffle Maker

HEB has the exclusive on this Dash Texas waffle-maker. You can't find it online. I know this isn't necessarily a food item, but it make Texas-shaped food, so we're counting it.

Also, I don't care how many people take gorgeous photos of these waffles on Instagram, this is how everyone's waffle maker really looks. I'm all about the realism.

These are the Texas-shaped food items you can purchase right now, but they’ve also had other cool items over the years such as Texas-shaped Colby Jack Cheese in the Deli, Texas-shaped store brand cheez-its, and Texas-Shaped Skinner’s pasta. We’ll take it all HEB!

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