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HEB Brand Shop Introduces T-Shirts and Swag, Here's Where You Can Find It

Updated: Mar 14

What is HEB Brand Shop?

If you live in Texas, chances are you already know and love HEB, one of the largest grocery chains in the state. But did you know that HEB now has its own brand shop that offers a wide range of branded swag, including t-shirts, stickers, mugs, tumblers, and hats? That's right, you can now live out the dream of being decked out in HEB items from head to toe.

Why has it taken HEB so long to have branded items for mega fans? No one knows, but we're just glad it's here!

What are the prices?

*As of March, 2023*
  • Mugs - $10

  • T-shirts - $20

  • Hats - $20

  • Shoes - $30

  • Socks - $7

  • Onesies - $15

  • Kids Shirts - $18

The Big Q - Where Can I Find This Awesomeness?

Brand Shop is only available at certain stores, but more are being added every month. I will try to keep this list up-to-date as I hear of more stores getting the section.

You can usually find it by one of the entrances, in the middle of the main aisle.

North Texas

- HEB Frisco

- HEB Plano


- HEB Plus! Waco - 35 & Valley Mills


- HEB Plus! Belton

Austin Area

- HEB ATX, Slaughter & Manchaca

- HEB ATX, Anderson Mill & 620

- HEB Leander 2 - Ronald Reagan

- HEB Plus! Hutto


- HEB Kerrville

New Braunfels

- HEB Plus! New Braunfels, I-35

San Antonio Area

- HEB Plus! SA, Potranco & 1604

- HEB Plus! SA, Bandera & 1604

- HEB Plus! SA, 281 & Evans

- HEB SA, Alon Market - NW Military

- HEB Cibolo

- HEB Plus! Lytle

Houston Area

- HEB Plus! Pearland 518 & 288

South Texas

- HEB Plus! Corpus, SPID & Waldron

- HEB Plus! Victoria

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