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13 HEB Shopping Hacks To Save You Time and Money

Updated: Sep 15

As an avid HEB shopper, I thought I knew most of the best shopping tips. But when I polled my Instagram audience, they shocked me with some truly badass HEB shopping secrets. Helps that some of my followers actually work for HEB! Now that I've gathered everyone's insider tips, I'm ready to share them with you, dear reader. So here it goes, the best HEB shopping tips to maximize your next trip. #13

Go at The Best Time To Shop

There's a consensus among my followers that first thing in the morning is the #1 best time to shop at HEB. Produce is freshest, meat is marked down and the store is usually stocked from the night before, making it an ideal time to grab what you need. Additionally, the store will be less crowded.

Many HEB stores do open at 6AM, so if you're not an early bird, this might not be the best option for you.

My personal favorite best times to shop are actually Thursday and Friday nights after 8PM. The stores are similarly empty and in the process of getting stocked. Most exciting new items seem to land in my store Thursday before the weekend and a big push of inventory comes in Friday to prep for the weekend rush.

The downsides are... if you have a life and Friday night plans (I have infants so I no longer remember what this is like). Additionally, sometimes you have to dodge pallets being brought out from the back, but there are still far fewer people in the store and it's so relaxing.


Celebrate $7 Sushi Wednesdays

Sushi Wednesday is a thing. Sushiya is HEB's sushi brand and you can get all Sushiya rolls for $7 on Wednesdays. They have fun flavors like the San Antonio Roll or their latest creation, Guac & Roll.

My favorite $7 sushi deal is the California Combo. You basically get three rolls for that one low price and they're all delicious.


Wait it Out For BIG Deals on Ham

After a holiday, Hams start going on sale, and they get progressively cheaper. When you see them $10 off, give it a few more days and you'll soon find them $20 off! And then buy two and freeze one. You won't regret it.


Buy 6 Bottles of Wine, Get 10% Off

HEB has a continuous deal where you get 10% off your purchase of 6+ bottles of wine. That means if you buy all bottles under $10, you basically get the sixth one free!

Also, look for wine deals around the holidays (as pictured above). Rosé all dayyyy.


Check for the Freshest Dates on Made-In-Store Perishables

After the fourth time I came home with a bakery item thats sell-by date was the following day, my husband reminded me, "You HAVE to check the dates, babe". Ohh yeah...

This simple extra step of checking the date will save you from pastries that go bad the next day. But you should also take an extra step and check in the back and bottom of the stack for the absolute freshest items. HEB, and other grocery stores, put the items that are soonest to go bad at the top so that they sell first, the fresh stuff is actually underneath.

So take the time to lift and check. Fresh donuts for days!


Wait for 25% off Beauty Events To Purchase That Eyeliner

Want to splurge on a fancy makeup or hair care product, but don't want to spend the dough? HEB is doing 25% off beauty events more frequently now - up to 4 or 5 times a year. So if you can wait, snag it during an event and get a big discount.


If You're Not Using Your App for Coupons, You're Missing Out

HEB has something called "Digideals" that are exclusive to their app. The best thing to do is to always check the app before going shopping. Add relevant coupons to your list and know what Meal Deals to be on the lookout for. Which leads me to...


Keep An Eye Out For Meal Deals and Combo Locos

Meal Deals are special deals HEB does where you essentially buy the main course and get your sides and/or condiments for free.

For example, one I picked up recently was, purchase two bags of fajita meat and get chips, salsa, and veggies free. These deals are pure magic.

Combo loco is similar but not quite as epic. It's usually, buy one thing get another free. These are snacks or sides that tend to go together. Like buy Hershey's chocolate, get graham crackers and marshmallows free for s'mores. Or this one I picked up around Super Bowl for Easy Melt which got you a free slow cooker liner, chili, and Rotel.


Never Miss a Sunday Freebie

Every Sunday HEB has a free item in the Digideals portion of the app. Yes, every. single. Sunday. Within the last year, it's been tortilla chips, toothbrushes, freezer pops, bbq sauce, Central Market popcorn, and the list goes on.

I usually try to post these in my Instagram Stories every Sunday, but you can also find them yourself in the app. Simply click on "coupons" at the bottom and then search "free".

Do pay attention at checkout and make sure it was taken off. Occasionally there's a technical error. If it was not removed, the HEB partner at the register should be able to help.


Check For New Coupons on Wednesdays

While we're on coupons...

Coupons start on Wednesdays and end on Tuesdays. Some last one week or several weeks so it's not necessarily that they all refresh on schedule.

The important note here, is to check your app on Wednesdays for any awesome, new coupons, and then use my late-night Thursday or Friday night shopping hack to get all of the free meal deal items before they sell out over the weekend. Don't you hate when the free items are gone!? This can happen after the weekend rush.


Follow People Who Post Cool HEB Stuff

In a random shameless plug, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube for interesting items. Instagram is where I'm most active by far.

Here are some of my fellow foodie friends you should also follow for cool HEB stuff:

@littlecajunhouse for shopping and recipes

@texasfrugalfinds for coupons

@supersaverstar for coupons

@one_frugal_mom for coupons

@snackantoio for snack reviews

@hebvegan for vegan options

@trumpetmaster77 for BBQ sauce and rub reviews

@wheelsinaustin_ for recipes

@caramel_chris for recipes & kitchen organization tips

@puropinchesa for HEB shopping, culture and tacos

@breshell for Frisco/DFW HEB news


Use The App to Make Your List

Did you know your HEB app automatically organizes your list based on the flow of the store? I didn't! My clever followers informed me of this and it's revolutionary. It also tells you what aisle each item is on. Mind blown!

I tested this, and it totally works. The items are organized from the entrance at produce all the way through my normal flow to the exit. They even added plants at the beginning that I'd usually grab on my way in.

If you are in a relationship and like to share a list, you can share a login. Additionally, my husband and I use the Microsoft To-Do List app. You can add items while your partner is at the store and watch them check them off via push notifications. It's another option that has worked well for us.


Always Buy Fresh, Warm Tortillas

More of a life hack than a shopping hack. Buy the tortillas. You'll be happier.

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